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Wrexham care home boss calls for action after residents scared by anti social behaviour

Published date: 17 July 2017 |
Published by: Steve Craddock 
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CALLS have been made for action to protect vulnerable care home residents from anti-social behaviour.

Last week, the Leader reported how Morag Browning, director of accountancy firm MD Coxey and Co on Grosvenor Road, started sending out surveys to nearby businesses and residents asking them to share how they had been affected by homeless people, drug taking and anti-social behaviour.

Debbie Davies, who has been manager at the White House residential home in Grove Road for two-and-a-half years, has now spoken of the problems she has experienced – in particular with people sleeping rough, using drugs and scaring her residents, who on average are aged 80 and have dementia.

She said: “The problems started in about March 2015. We bought a property next door and we were getting a lot of people sleeping rough there.

“There was faeces in bins, a lot of needles and syringes and they had been burning their drugs.

“We made everywhere secure, we tightened our security with cameras and big gates,

“Since March 2015 we have called the police 17 times.

“Last Christmas they pinched all the Christmas lights, which were of no use to them as they cut them off before the generator so they could not have used them.”

She continued: “One night we had a homeless guy hanging over the fence shouting there was a baby in a pram at about 3am.

“I arrived and there was an empty pram. He was obviously high on drugs.

“It is not fair on the night staff. If they come out for a break in the night it is scary for them.

“There have been homeless [people] rattling the doors at the back at about 4am, and hanging around the windows.

“On June 19 we called about an intruder attempting to get into the building and four police officers came out.”

Regarding those living at the care home, she said: “We have 33 residents. They are vulnerable adults and we need to ensure they are protected.

“It is hard enough with their condition, never mind having to put up with this. It is scary, they don’t realise what is going on.”

She said she feels more could be done to help those sleeping rough, adding: “I do feel like we need more police presence and not just an early morning call to move them on. It is like out of sight, out of mind.

“I think they do need to be signposted somewhere where they can hang out, have foods and shower.”

Last month, Wrexham town centre inspector Paul Wycherley said he was willing to assist anyone who wanted help with their addictions. But he issued a warning to those who do not heed his message and said action would be taken against those who were unwilling to accept his offer.

He said: “We have got officers in the town centre throughout the day. This particular challenge has caused angst for local people and we have had meetings where we have offered assistance to people using these products.

“Some have taken up the referrals we have made to agencies that can help them with their addictions and social challenges.

“I told people in those meetings that if they failed to engage there would be consequences.”

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