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Resident angry at new school build plans in Penyffordd

Published date: 15 July 2017 |
Published by: Owen Evans 
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Serious concerns have been raised about a major school build plan by a man living close to the scheme.

Peter Paddock, of Abbotsford Drive in Penyffordd, said major plans for a new primary school on land behind his home would seriously damage his quality of life.

Flintshire Council is currently carrying out a public consultation on proposals for the construction of a new amalgamated all-through three to 11 English Medium community primary school on the Abbotts Lane site for 315 full time learners and a 45 place nursery.

Mr Paddock said: “The main issues we have is the complete lack of consideration to the local community infrastructure and neighbouring properties.

“Penyffordd is a village and there are plenty of potential sites within the area for this type of development, one which would certainly not impact on the quality of life of the residents.”

Mr Paddock said the building was proposed so close to his home, that it would massively impact on the view he currently has.

He said this, along with plans to remove hedging from near his house, would seriously impact upon his privacy and the natural habitat behind his home.

He said: “During inevitable human settlement growth we are all for the modernisation, expansion and development of schools and progress, but not at the expense of our mature and growing nature environments, village rural standings or our freedom to maintain a level of personal privacy in our own back gardens, something which collectively we have enjoyed between us for over 10 to 27 years in our current property location.

“For Wynne Construction and Flintshire Council to propose a steel ‘grey and yellow’ two storey clad building overlooking our private properties is simply outrageous.

“I find it disgraceful that these development plans always miss out the thought and mindset that we actually live in this location and would have to view this ‘industrial cheap cladding styled’ construction view 24/7.”

Mr Paddock said he believed the building could be constructed in a different location within the site to prevent such problems.

He said: “If you look at the main proposed plans and relocate the huge building development and swap the location of the proposed new playground area and the main building towards an 180 degree swap, the majority of these land privacy issues we are raising would not be present as the building would not directly overpower the skyline from back gardens nor overlook private dwellings.”

A public consultation was held about the proposals at the school on Tuesday, where dozens of people turned out to view and comment on the plans.

As part of the plans, the existing building of Ysgol Penyffordd, on Abbotts Lane, will be demolished to make way for the new school.

There will also be improved and increased staff and visitor parking with a dedicated drop off zone for parents and carers.

Wynne Construction, who are due to build the facility, have promised it will provide an “inspirational” learning experience for the schoolchildren.

Flintshire County Council’s Interim Chief Officer for Education and Youth, Claire Homard, said: “The council, in collaboration with Wynne Construction and its designers, is in the planning consultation period around the proposal to build a new primary school in Penyffordd.

“During this period we have received a number of positive comments, however, we welcome comments from interested parties through this process.

“The comments will assist in helping to understand any local concerns which will inform and potentially influence the design and provide the Planning Authority with additional insight when considering and forming their determination of the planning application.

“The existing primary provision in the village is located on two sites and both have suitability and condition issues which causes operational difficulties for the governors and school and restrict how the curriculum is delivered.

“The proposed new build is needed to amalgamate school provision in the village on to one site and will ensure education provision in the village is both high quality and sustainable.

“A full options appraisal has been conducted into all potential site options and concluded the Abbott’s Lane site was the only suitable site in the area that can accommodate a community primary school to the required capacity and standard.

“Subject to necessary agreements and consent, we would hope to start construction of the new school in early 2018.”

Finance for the project is currently being sought under the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools Programme.

Match funding will be on a 50:50 basis with Flintshire Council providing the other 50 per cent of the required finance.

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  1. Posted by: kevinweston19 at 18:31 on 20 July 2017 Report

    Thought the council was broke....

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