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Appeal hearing over plans for 47-home development in Rossett

Published date: 15 July 2017 |
Published by: Steve Craddock 
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AN APPEAL hearing is to be heard over plans to build 47 new homes in Rossett.

In February Wrexham Council’s planning committee refused to grant outline permission for 47 homes on greenfield land off Darland Road and Gamford Lane, Rossett, following which an appeal over the decision was received by the Planning Inspectorate.

The next part of the process will come on August 2, when an appeal hearing will be held at the village’s memorial hall.

At the planning committee meeting in February, members voted unanimously to refuse permission on the grounds that the development area lies outside the settlement limit and in the green barrier, and that the development would “represent a significant urbanising change to the existing rural setting and would be detrimental to the landscape character”.

The committee agreed the proposed development is “not considered to be satisfactory in terms of design” and “would not provide sufficient measures to secure a satisfactory form of sustainable development”, particularly regarding disposal of surface water.

They also found there was insufficient information to assess the impact the development would have on protected species.

In its conclusion, the appellant’s statement of case includes the following: “The contribution the development would make toward addressing the five year land supply deficit, along with the associated social and economic benefits, would outweigh any perceived harm the proposed development would have on the setting of the special landscape area or green barrier designation.

“With regard to the concerns of surface water drainage, the original drainage scheme previously worked well, with the drain formerly feeding into the large pond to the east.

“It is believed that only since the drain has been blocked, has there been an issue. Reinstating the original drain system would resolve the current problem.

“In relation to the potential of building outside of the settlement boundary, within an area designated as green barrier, the fact that Wrexham County Borough Council does not have a five year supply of available housing land should be a material consideration in the decision process.

“Many of the sustainable settlements in the county borough are either partially or wholly bound by green barriers. It will therefore be difficult to significantly increase the supply of housing land if the current UDP policies, including green barrier designations, are strictly adhered to in every case.”

Wrexham Council’s statement of case concludes: “The council considers that the proposal would represent an inappropriate and unsustainable form of development in the open countryside that would not accord with the principles of established national and local policy relating to new residential development.

“The council therefore respectfully requests that the inspector dismisses the appeal.”

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