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Anti-social bikers in Caia Park face eviction from homes

Published date: 19 June 2017 |
Published by: Rory Sheehan 
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TENANTS on Wrexham’s largest estate could lose their homes if they are housing vehicles used in anti-social behaviour.

The use of motorbikes and quadbikes in open areas of Caia Park day and night is causing residents’ lives to be a misery and putting people in danger.

Caia Park Community Council discussed the issue at their monthly meeting, as bikes are being driven on open fields such as The Dunks, and along narrow paths where children play and walk to school.

Even as the meeting was taking place, on Prince Charles Road the noise of bikes could be heard in the distance.

PCSO Bryn Jones said North Wales Police have been given the “green light” by Wrexham Council to change tenancy agreements to try and tackle the problem.

He said it could not apply to private home owners but, along with barriers in certain areas, it was one of a number of solutions to try and sort the problem.

These enforced changes – which residents who keep bikes will have to sign up to – could see them being evicted if the vehicles belonging to themselves or their children are used dangerously or anti-socially.

He said: “They are planning to put a change into the tenancy agreement so people have to declare whether they keep any motorbikes, quadbikes at the property.

“There will be joint visits with the police and housing department and if there are bikes there being used for anti-social behaviour, it could affect their tenancy.”

Chair of the council, Cllr Malcolm King said the bikers needed to realise they were putting themselves in danger as well as others, and he recalled past incidents on the estate when reckless behaviour has led to bikers suffering life-changing injuries.

He said: “They are riding without helmets, doing wheelies at high speed.

“They put other people in danger as well as themselves – it has happened before on The Dunks.

“Someone has come off their bike and the NHS ends up paying for it for the rest of their lives.

“As a council I think we should write with the housing department to every tenant regarding anti-social behaviour anyway, that you are liable to lose your house.

“I think the vast majority of other tenants would like to see action take place.”

PCSO Jones added that there was also a new facility on the North Wales Police website for residents to upload pictures and footage of anti-social behaviour taking place.

He said: “Operation Snap is now on the North Wales Police website main page to help us target individuals.”

Cllr King said the council would also be looking into the depth of police resources for Caia Park.

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  1. Posted by: 1massey at 18:23 on 19 June 2017 Report

    really, well wcbc,what about all the pot holes in the highways,isnt that a danger to bikers, cycles, having to swerve away from them,go around willington,and bronington,and see for yourselves,if some one gets killed due to the state of the roads there,are the big wigs of wcbc, getting evicted from there homes too,? well, H PATTERSON, M PRITCHARD ?

  2. Posted by: plastic man at 16:22 on 21 June 2017 Report

    This action is very discrimatry, only WBC tenents must conform, what about those tenents in private landlord houses bought by "right to buy" etc. Is there one law for one and another for others. Surely this can be challenged in court, very poorly thought out sol'n to ASB.

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